Tini Glasses x 6


Before leaving Cape Cod last week we paid a visit to a favourite thrift store. The one in Eastham where you are apt to be charged more when you buy less (see October 1, 2012 posting Weekend Glassware).

Upon arrival I was excited to see a SALE sign.


As we entered the store I sensed a purchase coming on and joked to Dan that maybe we would find the mini martini glass that was missing from the ‘set of six’ we purchased last September. No sooner had I completed my sentence and I spotted a matching glass.


The sticker on the base of the glass indicated that a “Pair” was being sold, and that the cost was $4.00.


We searched around for a second glass but didn’t find one — and that was okay with us as we only needed one to complete our ‘set of six.‘

While standing in line to pay Dan and I speculated how much we would be charged for our single glass. Considering we had half a ‘Pair’ and applying the SALE factor (I overheard mention of a 50% discount) I guessed $1.00. Dan, based on our previous experience at the cash register, guessed $6:00. We were both delighted to be told the cost was . . . 25 cents!


So, we finally have a set of six crystal martini glasses for a grand total of $5.25 (we paid $5.00 for the five we bought last year). What’s that saying about “good things come to those who wait?”


live. enjoy. repeat.

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