Twelfth Night


We are putting away our Christmas decorations because tomorrow is the 12th day of Christmas. John reminded me that it is bad luck to keep decorations up beyond January 6th (this rule seems to be more ardently followed in England than it is here).

So, before they are boxed away for another year, I’d like to share some of the little things that brought me joy this Christmas.

There is the Holiday Mail Bag, that has held Christmas cards addressed to me since I was a kid.


This plastic church is also from my childhood.


I used to love to wind the key on the back and listen to it play Silent Night. The music box no longer works, but we are going to try to repair it for next year.

We displayed the card we sent this year on the mantle.


We displayed cards that we received on the plate rail in the dining room.


When we sat down to Christmas dinner, it was as if our friends from other places were joining in.


I enjoy the mix of ornaments on our tree,


and get pleasure from keeping old ornaments in a box with my Mom’s handwriting on the lid.


The first ornament on our tree this year was a new one…


featuring Jack’s Joyful Jumping.


Other beloved pets are well-remembered on the tree. The cat in the picture frame is Churchill, who moved with Nelson the dog and John from England to the US. Nelson’s ornament is perched a few branches away.


There are lots of fond memories represented on the tree. The plastic sushi reminds me of my travels in Japan with our friend Suziesan.


I think of my Grandmother “Baba” when I see her costume jewelry earring dangling from the tree like a cluster of snowdrops.


Our holiday decor season is a short one, since our tree went up rather late; this year we decorated it on Christmas Eve.

John does not get into Christmas the way Americans typically do. He does not understand the rush to decorate for Christmas in November, and at times in the past has not been very enthusiastic about decorating at all. Consequently, I have often bought a tree a day or two before the holiday and decorated it myself. I confess I have found John’s ‘put it up late and take it down early’ policy to be a bit Grinch-like.

But this year, he (the Grinch himself) hauled the Christmas bins up from the basement, hung up the mail bag, plugged in the silent church, and put most of the ornaments on the tree. I asked him today why he was more keen this year to decorate for the holiday.

He answered, “It’s nicer for you if I get into it a bit. I did it for you.”

I guess John still didn’t really get into Christmas…


but I’m happy that a little Christmas got into him.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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