Umbrellas at the Ready


It’s days like today when one is grateful for a good brolly collection.


Following nice weather on Memorial Day we are back to rain again today. Fortunately Dan, Jack and I are well equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature sends our way.


Coming from England I know how important it is to have easy access to an umbrella.

At the weekend I finished painting the space adjacent to our new coat closet … and then situated our umbrella stand there.


Dan and I are both enjoying seeing the umbrella stand. It has been out of sight in our basement for the past ten years. It was given to me by my grandmother. Encountering it brings back fond memories of my grandparents and times I spent at their home. When I was a boy I would often visit them, and I clearly remember the umbrella stand in the hallway of their cottage. Finding a place for it in our home makes me very happy.


Dan’s pleasure comes more from seeing the umbrellas that are in the stand.


Some of them belonged to his mother and some to his grandmother.


Clearly members of of Dan’s family had a good eye for fun…


and fancy brollies.


live. enjoy. repeat.


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