Weekend Glassware


When John and I came home from our cabin in the Catskills a few weekends ago, we had a new set of 9 brightly striped vintage glasses.


We didn’t take the glasses from the cabin; we bought them because there were no glasses in the cabin. Actually, there were a few mismatched glasses in the cupboards: two margarita glasses, several plastic cups, and a small juice glass, but that was it.

Initially, we were a bit disappointed in the sparse contents of the kitchen. But we reassessed the situation (as we were drinking our gin and tonics in margarita glasses) and determined this was an opportunity to explore the Woodstock, NY Flea Market the following day — with purpose.

John found the set of vintage striped drinking glasses. We enjoyed them for the rest of the weekend before bringing them home with us.


Maybe it was this recent purchase of ‘glassware for weekend use’ that prompted me to buy more glasses while on The Cape.

This weekend, the house in Truro, MA was very well appointed, but it did lack martini glasses. When I spotted these little glasses at a Thrift Store, I thought they would be a good buy and useful to have.


I liked the small size and classic shape of the glasses, especially the stem. When I ‘clinked‘ two glasses together a beautiful ringing sound was produced — they were crystal.

I was already imagining tiny martinis later that evening with John, when I noticed the bargain price that sealed the deal. One of the glasses had a tag on it… ‘$4 for 6.‘

However, I could only find 5 of the supposed 6 glasses. I told the ladies at the counter that there were only 5 glasses, and it was not a set of 6. To which, the woman on the left replied, “well, we can do them for $5.”


I paused for a moment as I realized this meant I would be paying more than marked for fewer glasses. I did not challenge the price adjustment. I smiled and handed over a five dollar bill.

After all, the glasses were worth five dollars to me, and proceeds go to support the local senior center, which I imagine must be doing very well with such thrifty ladies minding the store.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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