Woodland Encounters


Our town had the foresight to set aside 14 acres of woodland in the 1970’s for conservation. It is very near our home and positively impacts the quality of life in our neighborhood. Dan and I both enjoy walking our dog Jack there. It provides us all with much needed exercise and an opportunity to get close to nature.


Yesterday morning Jack and I saw a beautiful deer in the wood. It was grazing by a ditch. We passed within a few feet and stopped a couple of times to observe. Between grazes, it looked up to check on us.

As best we know, Jack grew up in Manhattan. So it’s likely that he’d never seen a deer before we got him (he came from a shelter). However, despite being a high energy pooch from the city, he behaves very calmly around any deer that we encounter. They seem to fascinate him, and he is not fearful of these large gentle creatures that are many more times his size.


It’s not just deer that we encounter in the woods. On a recent walk Jack encountered sushi. Not just any old sushi. We have it on good authority that it was Korean sushi.

As with deer, we’re not sure if Jack has encountered sushi before.

We were pleased to learn that he remains calm in its presence.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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